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About the Life Bridging Practice

Life Bridging® is a highly personalized approach which is individually tailored to specific client needs. Robin St James uses a comprehensive method in her practice, assessment, and treatment, drawing on the fields of holistic psychology , the science of well-being , mentoring , coaching , and naturopathy. She believes that the physical, emotional, mental, and psyche are interconnected; an imbalance in one area potentially affects all the other areas. Her goal is to promote health, healing, and optimal well-being in her clients to achieve life goals.

Holistic health is vital to leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. Robin believes that anyone can have a relevant and fulfilling life if they so choose. Sometimes it involves a compassionate person coming alongside to help guide you in the process.

Life Bridging Approach

Robin’s approach integrates the best evidence-based research, professional experience, and knowledge with the client’s personality, value system, and issues presented. Robin takes a collaborative, flow activity approach with her clients understanding that the personalities, lifestyles, experiences, and emotional landscapes are singularly unique. She believes that a non-judgemental, considerate, honest, and supportive environment helps her clients achieve optimal well-being.

About Robin St James

Robin St. James created Life Bridging last year during a six-month internship required to complete her psychology degree. The population with which she worked needed a wide array of approaches that drew on past professional experience, physical client requirements, and psychologically-based interventions. It is her unique ability to access the appropriate discipline to meet the specific needs of clients in a manner that allows quantifiable forward growth, which sets Life Bridging apart.

Robin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and university accreditations in Life, Wellness, and Financial coaching. Her expertise also includes notable careers in the entertainment industry as an award-winning producer and in emerging technologies. Creating new paradigms that ensure a client’s positive forward movement is a passion of Robin’s. Life Bridging is a methodology that encompasses a client’s experience holistically with a combination of flow activities, strategies, techniques, and approaches based on science and real-world experiences. Life Bridging is future-oriented rather than anchored in discussing the past; however, it does not ignore evidence of past experiences/perceptions affecting current life goals.

Life Bridging provides several types of services which you may find here.