Body-mind work to make connections

Life Bridging


Benefits of Life Bridging

The Life Bridging approach emphasizes individualized solution-focused collaboration through mindfulness. Robin focuses on the complex and challenging process of integrating and executing the core issues into daily life. Providing active support and practical feedback, Robin helps clients address challenges to bridge personal or professional gaps in their lives.

Why Psychology Majors Make Great Life Bridgers

  • insights into human motivation and behavior
  • a broad perspective on the breadth and depth of human experience
  • in-depth understanding of human development
  • ability and experience in assisting people manage crises
  • knowledge and understanding of life transitions and stages of life
  • a strong ethics code that values the dignity of all human beings
  • training in assisting people communicate more effectively
  • an understanding of the need to balance work, personal life and family
  • training in the use of assessments to aid people in understanding their personality type preferences, strengths, and needed areas of development
  • extensive education, training, and experience in working with people